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Brand that Won Hearts

Our Story

The journey of Adinath Agro Processed Foods Pvt. Ltd began in 1989 with the establishment of Adinath Food Industries, marking the promoters' initial foray into food processing. Since September 2013, Adinath Food Industries has been an integral part of the Adinath Agro family. Adinath Agro Processed Foods Pvt. Ltd is a privately held company specializing in the processing, marketing, and export of a wide range of processed food products. With a presence spanning over two decades, our commitment to consistently superior quality products and excellent customer service has earned us a special place in the hearts of numerous Indians.

Our brands have emerged as leaders in the processed fruit and vegetable products market. At Adinath Agro, we blend tradition with modern processing techniques to deliver products that meet global standards while retaining the authentic Global flavours of India. Our journey is fuelled by a passion for excellence and a vision for sustainable growth in the food processing industry. Join us as we continue to innovate, inspire, and delight customers with products that reflect our commitment to quality, taste, and integrity. Experience the legacy of Adinath Agro—where every product tells a story of dedication, trust, and taste.

Our Mission


At Adinath Agro, our mission is to deliver a diverse selection of fresh and pure condiments, captivating consumers' taste buds. We are also dedicated to empowering creativity in the kitchen through a premium assortment of high-quality cooking aids, fostering a renewed sense of accomplishment in every culinary pursuit.

The Origin of Adinath Agro


Adinath Agro Established

Adinath Agro was founded, marking the inception of the company and the start of its first manufacturing facility in Jejuri.


2nd Manufacturing Unit

Expanded the operations by inaugurating a second manufacturing facility in Jejuri.


Capacity Expansion

Introduced Tomato concentrate line.


The debut of Surabhi

Introduced "Surabhi" as a retail brand with a focused sales team to enhance market presence and drive sales growth.


Expansion into MIDC

Adinath Agro acquired a new unit in MIDC, introducing a versatile range of new products.


Magic King arrives

Introduced Magic King brand to cater specifically to Tier 2 and 3 markets.


Greenfield Project Expansion

Adinath Agro acquired 33 acres of land at Kolvihire, Jejuri, for expanding the greenfield project.


Award & Export

Recognized with D&B's Best Food Processing SMEs award in India & also entered the export market.


Commercial Production

Operations kick off at the Kolvihire, Jejuri facility for commercial production.


Celebrating a milestone in fundraising

Adinath Agro secured funding from Carpediem Capital & Infina Finance to support growth initiatives.


Our newest additions

Adinath Agro introduces its latest offering, Mayonnaise, expanding its diverse product range.


Fully Automatic Line

Adinath Agro implements a fully automatic packaging line for enhanced efficiency.


Our latest creations

Launched a new line of curry/gravy products, enriching its product portfolio.


Introducing Winn Retail Range

Adinath Agro introduces Chinese Sauces under the Winn brand, enhancing its retail offerings.

Manufacturing capability

Adinath Agro's total manufacturing production capacity stands over 35,000 MT/Annum.

Ketchup & Sauces


Canned Food


Ready To Cook


Fruit Jam


Production Facilities & Infrastructure

Located in Jejuri, Pune, 160 km from JNPT port.

Land: 30 Acres

for production, lab, R&D and warehousing.

What we stand for

At Adinath Agro, our mission is to offer fresh condiments and high-quality cooking aids to inspire culinary creativity and delight taste buds, while adhering to the five pillars we represent


Our strict quality controls ensure reliable products for our consumers.


Ensuring our brand stands for quality and value-for-money. We introduce new products aligned with food trends for exciting flavours.

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